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Seit ich im Oktober nach Stuttgart gezogen bin, gehe ich fast immer, wenn ich etwas benötige, im gegenüberliegenden Einkaufszentrum einkaufen. Manchmal kann es da schon etwas voll werden; dann tümmeln sich die Menschen gedrängt auf den Rolltreppen und in den Fast-Fashion-Tempeln Primark und Co. Ich brauche nur tegut und…(Read More)

Erfindungen wie Facebook, Instagram, Hashtags...

Although there are so much thoughts in my head at the moment, I wasn’t really motivated to post them on Why? Because I don’t like that kind of discussion in the web. I can’t blame everything on being child anymore and I cannot write everything I want. Children are always…(Read More)

This was Christmas 2017!

Frankly, I already wanted to write a small Christmas greet over the holidays, but somehow it was really busy. You probably know this, the family is coming, so much is cooked and so much is eaten and you are busy with trying out your new things. But before I will present you some impressions of…(Read More)

Sweet 16! What will change?

Yes! Now I am 16! Whether I am worth that „sweet 16“-thing, will show off in the future. Actually I have some very clear visions of what should be changed from now. You may have noticed one change, didn’t you? Yeah, right, there was no Montagram. But it’s not planned to keep…(Read More)

We already heard about educating ourselves by traveling, but also by blogging! At least a bit. Why? I will tell you in a few sentences, then you may understand, what it has got to do with a Bulli. And who does have birthday today? In Ramsgate, we had that wonderful flat near to the sea…(Read More)

No, I didn’t write „blogkade“ wrong. It’s a new neologism and until a few moments ago I thought I was the first, who used this pun out of „blog“ and „blockade“. But obviously there are more people with blog and a writer’s block, who like puns like this. Never mind, I have…(Read More)

Why I tell this wish exactly now, may be clear for some of you. I wouldn’t be me, when I wouldn’t write anything about the terrible happenings of the last weeks on my blog. Also a world of a 13-year-old isn’t only about book, baking cakes and new shoes. No…(Read More)

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