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This post is also available in: Deutsch 🇩🇪 Do you know that feeling when you go to a concert and you like it so much that you can still remember the smallest details, even weeks after it actually happened? That’s exactly how I feel about the garden concert with „Sophie And The Giants…(Read More)

Kaum bin ich von meiner Klassenfahrt nach England zurück, fängt der Trubel gleich wieder an. Trubel klingt so negativ, dabei war mein Freitagabend rundum positiv! Aber mal von Anfang an: England war einfach toll. Deshalb wird es hier dafür noch einmal einen extra Post geben, mit ganz vielen Bildern und Eindrücken…(Read More)

Right after I am back from my class trip to England the buzz back home starts again. Buzz sounds a bit negative, but my Friday evening was just gorgeous! But let us start from the beginning: England was simply great. That’s why there will be an extra post for that topic, with a lot…(Read More)

It’s Monday again. Gosh, how fast this has gone! But you know it is always like this, when many things are happening. And my week was full of surprises, well, not everything was unexpected. Our concert evening by St. Vincent in Berlin was planned for weeks. And I still can’t believe, that I…(Read More)

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