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This was Christmas 2017!

Frankly, I already wanted to write a small Christmas greet over the holidays, but somehow it was really busy. You probably know this, the family is coming, so much is cooked and so much is eaten and you are busy with trying out your new things. But before I will present you some impressions of…(Read More)

If you don’t want to have an simply bought advent calendar, there is always that he same question every year: „Which advent calendar will it be this year?“ And then I had the idea, that maybe a photo box would be a cool, new idea for an advent calendar in these times full of…(Read More)

Best of Halloween

Probably you are already best prepared and you don’t need my Best of Halloween anymore, but maybe you can find another small inspiration. Or you give me some advice and write a comment so that my Halloween does not get boring. 😉 Or you are a Halloween grouch and you think everything about it is…(Read More)

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