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We already heard about educating ourselves by traveling, but also by blogging! At least a bit. Why? I will tell you in a few sentences, then you may understand, what it has got to do with a Bulli. And who does have birthday today? In Ramsgate, we had that wonderful flat near to the sea…(Read More)

My research produced, that the last Monday post on lays back over one year, so not entirely in the Stone Age, as you might have wondered because of the cover picture. And anyway I don’t want to make big statements, why there has been no weekly post anymore. That bores me to…(Read More)

That’s the cool thing about a road trip, you never know, what there will be waiting for you at the next stop. And because a road trip also never goes to plan, you don’t get my stories about England in a chronological order, but today I take you with me to the New…(Read More)

My love for England actually contains the rainy weather on the isle, too. Of course, also sun is great in England, but with a weatherproof trench coat and a gorgeous pair of rubber boots you will look absolutely British. Trust me, the British really don’t let the weather ruin neither their noble behavior, nor…(Read More)

No, I didn’t make a mistake in the headline, because this post is really about tea and not about Nirvana’s „Smells Like Teen Spirit“. 😉 It’s no secret that I am in love with autumn and directly after the end of summer we are filling up our tea supply at home and the…(Read More)

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