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This was Christmas 2017!

Frankly, I already wanted to write a small Christmas greet over the holidays, but somehow it was really busy. You probably know this, the family is coming, so much is cooked and so much is eaten and you are busy with trying out your new things. But before I will present you some impressions of…(Read More)

I can imagine, what some of you are thinking now: With flamingo love you may think about Swarovski binoculars with pink glitter, made for girls. And Charli now bought one. Of course! At this point I should remind you, that I am becoming 16 this year, not 6. 😉 Well, no glitter and no pink!…(Read More)

Yes, I have to admit, the headline is a bit confusing: „In Nîmes with Sandro“ sounds like I visited Nîmes with a good, old Roman friend. And it is not that wrong actually, because I was there with Sandro and the Romans also have something to do with that. But, Sandro is a…(Read More)

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