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Sponsored Post by Daddy 🙂  My first Jo Malone I bought in Zurich this summer. Especially in Zurich, where everything is expensive somehow. The city is great, but there are way better possibilities somewhere else. Who cares, Daddy was a bit fed up from all the shops and wanted to have dinner and then I…(Read More)

Montagram #3

It’s Montagram time again and even though I have so much to do for the moment, I will give you my  hashtags of the week. Not every week there is something special, but it’s anyway enough for some hashtags. #aweekfulloftestpapers I don’t think it’s necessary to explain this, but these were…(Read More)

If you don’t want to have an simply bought advent calendar, there is always that he same question every year: „Which advent calendar will it be this year?“ And then I had the idea, that maybe a photo box would be a cool, new idea for an advent calendar in these times full of…(Read More)

Don’t worry, Social Cocooning is no new blogger thing and I won’t take away your joy for Christmas by telling Christmas presents to be only bad spending spree. I am also looking forward for some little presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas eve. Okay, I would also be happy about big presents…(Read More)

I brought a very special souvenir from our summer holiday this time: a fashion discovery. And it couldn’t be more french, because the brand is in fact an ancient label. Is it even allowed to use the word „ancient“ in connection with fashion? I don’t know, who cares! Maybe it is better to…(Read More)

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