Falling in love with design – Blickfang Stuttgart

Welcome back to this blog, Charlie.

It really is time to post something again. So here I am, with my first-ever post from my new hometown. I will surely get back to you with another post, talking about my journey here and how life is far away from home. And then it’ll most definitely be in German again.

But why is this one in English then?

First of all, why not? I noticed, I actually miss talking in English since my year abroad was so long ago already. So this is one opportunity not to „unlearn“ everything. But there is another reason; which, at the same time, is the topic of this post. So don’t stop scrolling.

About two weeks ago, I went to a design fair in Stuttgart, the Blickfang Designmesse. Years ago I visited the same one in Hamburg and wrote about my time there here on my blog. Already in 2016, I loved the fair so much and that’s why I insisted on visiting the one in Stuttgart with two other students from my university.

And I loved it again!

The best things about events like this one are discovering new and innovative things as well as talking to the people behind the brands. So many small companies gather there and you get to know them in an amazing and comfortable atmosphere. I discovered many products that most definitely will find their way into my closet.

Of course, that day I also bought myself a little souvenir to remember my first-ever design fair in my new environment. While walking through the aisles of the event for the first time that day, I already noticed a stand with very special jewelry. It looked colourful and full of mathematically inspired forms and figures, the definite oppsoite of understatement. Let’s say: exactly my type.

So, after having seen everything, I knew I wanted to go back there and see, if I could find something for me. For quite a while I was standing in front of the jewelry, looking at every single one and not being able to really choose, as all of them looked just gorgeous. The brand is called PAMELA COROMOTO and I started talking to the wonderful woman behind the brand. She told me that she is an architect, which is why she chooses such shapes for her jewelry.

All pieces are carefully designed with very modern colour choices and they can be worn symmetrically or, if you, for example, turn some models around, they offer different colour and shape arrangements, so that the pieces become asymmetrical when combined. I love that concept.

Well, you guessed it. Of course, I found a wonderful pair of earrings for myself, as well as one for my mum. Mine are very extravagant and I love them. I needed a little help with the colour choice and she told me that the blueish one would go well with my blonde hair and I couldn’t be more happy.

I think, you just have to look at the pictures in this post to see how amazing the work of PAMELA COROMOTO is. I tried to put the aesthetics of the brand into my make-up and tried mirroring the colourwork of my earrings.

As you can read, I am more than happy with my experience on the Blickfang this year. And I now have an amazing memory with this incredible pair of earrings. Also, by writing in English, I hope the designer behind them gets to understand my excitement for her products.

Danke für euer wunderschönes Event, liebes Blickfang-Team. Ich hab mich in Stuttgart gleich nochmal in eure Designmesse verliebt! ♡


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