A fashion discovery in the South of France – Souleiado

I brought a very special souvenir from our summer holiday this time: a fashion discovery. And it couldn’t be more french, because the brand is in fact an ancient label. Is it even allowed to use the word „ancient“ in connection with fashion? I don’t know, who cares! Maybe it is better to say „traditional“.

The special things about the fashion by Souleiado are the patterns. They embody the summers in the Provence and they are inspired by Indian textile paintings. In the 16th century the first „Indiennnes“, that’s how the textiles are called, were produced mechanically in Marseille and they were very popular.

Charles Déméry, the founder of the fashion label Souleiado, takes up this tradition and founds his company in 1939 by taking over an company, which has  already been existing since 1806.

Souleiado is exactly how I imagine the French chic of the 60s: Brigitte Bardot and St Tropez combined in fashion 😉

A museum amidst in the store in Nîmes. Haven't seen something like this before.
Random discoveries are always the best: Souleiado was love on first sight.

When we discovered the shop in Nîmes, I knew immediately, that I had to visit it. And I had not been disillusioned. The textiles are so beautiful and I fell in love with a silk dress right away. Unfortunately it was 600 Euros, short above my pocket money, but just short… Just kiddin‘! It was made of pure silk and I am allowed to dream, right?

Luckily there are also other dresses made of cotton, which are as beautiful as the silk dress. But you may know this: You step into a shop and you suddenly fall in love with one piece, that you must have absolutely and then you notice it as the most expensive one out of the whole collection. Well, because I don’t want to make any lazy compromises, I chose:

‚Either that great dress or nothing a hair circlet!‘ 😉

As the shop assistant noticed our excitement about Souleiado, she told us some stories about the label, which has been revived for only a few years now. We got to know that the Souleiado establishment isn’t far away from our holiday home and we heard about the museum there. And a shop with a small outlet. I don’t need to explain where we went the next day, have I?

Tarascon – We are coming!

I don’t want to write long trip reports, that’s why I will show you tons of pictures of Tarascon, the home of Souleiado. It’s a very typical French town, which partly looks like excerpted from „Les Miserables“When I first heard the town’s name, I thought about the spicy sauce, which actual name is Tabasco. Can’t know everything, right? But Tarascon was named after the dragon Tarasque, which is said to eat travellers. Oh, what a luck we had! Maybe the hair circlet by Souleiado helped me. Fashion lovers are maybe untouched. 😉

Heat and empty streets in Tarascon.
Okay, where should we go?
Textile triangles everywhere. May be a sign?
We are getting closer…
In Tarascon this kind of textiles revive.
Yes, these are Souleiado textiles.
Don't step into that street, you want to visit Souleiado, am I right?
Oh what a sign.

Through the city the upper textiles guided us to Souleiado. I really like towns connected with traditions. No matter how small Tarascon actually is, in my opinion it embodies glamourös textiles. And the prettiest silk dress. Maybe because it had to stay there and it mustn’t join my closet. 😉

How it might be to work there?
This is the Souleiado house in Tarascon.

Let’s go into a fashion paradise at Souleiado’s…

There is no more beautiful way of providing shadows.
The entrance is decorated with gigantic Souleiado textiles.
Rain is seldom there.
Obviously the textiles even survive these heavy sun rays of the Provence.
I stay here in fashion heaven...
My Hourglass lip stick is perfect for this location, isn’t it?

For certain the label of Souleiado will ever be connected with the feeling of summer holidays for me. No fashion discovery on Instagram or any advertisement in a magazine could have such an atmosphere. This is just possible, if you travel the world with your eyes open don’t just follow all those Social Media hypes blindly. You know what I mean, right?

By the way, Daddy bought the most pieces at Souleiado. Let’s see if I also borrow some things out of Daddy’s closet next time. Then I could wear my Souleiado scarf and my hair circlet with a mens‘ shirt.

Mummy is right at the front...
Picturesque, right?
I was so excited seeing them. They were said to be nightwear. Well, mine doesn't look that stylish. ;)
Above Brigitte Bardot and below pieces by Chantal Thomas with textiles of Souleiado.
My favourite is the one in the foreground.
You can wear the dresses in our time, too, even though they were that old.
Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take this with me…

The fashion time travel was perfect in this museum building, you could experience the past right away. Just if you want, of course. People only chasing the newest hypes, would be bored in Tarascon I think.

...and the lights!
Lights in Tarascon: Not only the fashion by Souleiado was amazing, also the building.
With art of stone and glass.
Another little yard.
That's why it had to be in a picture.
My mother and me admired this dress.
Dresses in the Souleiado Museum
Pretty, isn’t it?
Typical Souleiado!
Very colorful but it fits perfect to the South of France.
Dress love in Souleiado
Where am I?
Women with traditional clothing of the Provence
Dress lovers in the past
Much layers, right?
Traditional dresses of the Provence

The Souleiado Museum was so interesting.

Not only the fashion was exciting, also the old printing plates and the netbooks with the old colour recipes. In the colour laboratory there were still some old colour bottles and small pots, a paradise for alchemists.

The colour laboratory in the old museum of Souleiado
The workshop for alchemists.
Printing workshop of Souleiado
Plates to print the textile patterns in former times
The colour powder was very worthy, it depended on how seldom the plants were, of which the colours were made.
They are so old.


Souleiado catches the provencal sun.
Those colours…
This looked very nice.
They put fluorescent tubes into the old pressing rollers.
Secret colours maybe.
Here the colour mixtures were recorded.
Look, how detailed this is. Amazing!
Printing plates for the textiles
Everybody can do it with coffee mugs and Vogue, but not like this.
Flatlay with printing plates from Souleiado – Something new!

In the courtyard you can relax a bit before you are stepping into the shop. Or you can count your money…

We drank a coffee after the shopping session and then we left with a smile. With best memories and beautiful pieces in our bags. Just like a sun to wear. 🙂

Okay, then let's walk...
Cab, please! Kiddin‘!
I have already worn my Souleiado hair circlet, of course.
Everything’s mine!
It's worth the stop!
If you are near Tarascon one day, you should come around to see Souleiado.

We walked a bit through Tarascon after the visit and discussed fashion with traditions. Even Daddy joined us.

Liked it!
We met Souleiado everywhere in Tarascon.
The town of fashion by Souleiado
Tarascon in the South of France
Pure French feeling
Decorated houses in Tarascon
 Souleiado everywhere! :)
I told you!





10 Responses to "A fashion discovery in the South of France – Souleiado"
  1. Ich wäre da drinnen sicherlich ausgerastet. So viel al- also traditionelle Mode! Wie gerne würde ich da auch mal hingehen.. Aber zum Glücks gibts ja unsere Charlie, die -wie immer- alles schön dokumentiert. 😉
    Das Haarband ist sehr chic. Oder très chic, wie der Franzose sagen würde. (Siehste, und für sowas haben sich die 4 Jahre Französisch in der Schule dann wieder rentiert.)

    Grosses bises,

    • Liebe Camilla,
      ich bin mir sicher, dass es dir echt gefallen hätte und du hättest auch noch ein paar Sachen übersetzen können. Ich habe ja „nur“ Latein und kam damit nicht ganz so weit, obwohl sich die Römer dort in der Gegend früher (ganz dolle früher) auch rumgetrieben haben. 😉
      Ja, mein Haarbandreif ist im Moment mein liebstes Accessoires. Im Gegensatz zu den üblichen Haarbändern hält es nämlich bei mir und rutscht nicht so nach hinten. Du weißt sicher wovon ich rede, oder? 😉
      Wünsche dir ein schönes WE

  2. Haha, das kann ich gut verstehen! Bei mir war’s beim ersten Mal so, dass wir in Los Angeles gelandet und erst später nach San Francisco gekommen sind.
    Und Los Angeles hat mich eher enttäuscht, da nur ein paar Ecken so waren (also quasi wie im Film…) wie man sie sich vorstellt. Erst in San Francisco hab ich mich so richtig in eine amerikanische Großstadt verliebt!
    Aber seit dem kann keine andere mehr mithalten… 😉

    • Da kann ich dich absolut verstehen. Los Angeles kenne ich zwar nicht, aber San Francisco zu toppen ist wahrscheinlich sowieso nicht möglich. Wenn nur der lange Flug nicht wäre.
      Liebe Grüße

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