Social Cocooning for Christmas: Tradition vs. spending spree

Don’t worry, Social Cocooning is no new blogger thing and I won’t take away your joy for Christmas by telling Christmas presents to be only bad spending spree. I am also looking forward for some little presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas eve. Okay, I would also be happy about big presents, mum and dad! 😉

But I thought about some Christmas traditions and I don’t mean the whole stress in the pre-Christmas period. You may know it, everybody is stressed and contemplation is only there, when the celebrations are over.

Every year the same tradition, first stress and then presents. 😉

Was it like this all over the time? Probably not and maybe we can leave out some stressful factors.

Advice like buying the presents in time are unnecessary. Everybody should have this idea on his own, but eventually we could be more focused on the tradition while all the preparations and we could create a festive feeling.

There are so many pretty things in the pre-Christmas period, we could do with family and friends. No, not shopping! Okay, at least not only. 😉

You can make cookies with friends and you can also pack your presents together. Everybody brings beautiful paper, tapes, little branches and ideas. Such beautiful presents and cookies you probably never had before. And it was never without that few stress.

Time spent together is still the best and also a mega trend: Social Cocooning is its name and doesn’t have to do anything with the internet.

You meet friends or the family. Without any special reason, just random. You can cook together, create things, talk or do whatever you want. While this, the mobile phone does not play any role, best to be put away. So the species, who wants to hang out in front of the TV with their mobile phone in their hands did not understand Social Cocooning. They have to practice a bit more. 😉

Decorating should also be more relaxed than being kind of a pressure. We have many boxes of decorating stuff, which is important every year. I love the memory I have for every single piece. Every star tells it own story. It would’ve been terrible, if we would have bought everything new for every year, or if I would have to decorate everything under pressure. The memories would disappear.

That’s how can look at my childhood’s memories every year by rummaging in these decorations.


This Christmas angel was found by my parents in Paris. No, they didn’t bought it, but it was hanging on a thrown away Christmas tree on the street in 2004 and they discovered it. For sure it was kept there accidentally and maybe it is missing at his old home now. For us it has a very special place every year and found a second home. I love such stories.

Maybe you can tell such stories, while you do Social Cocooning evenings. Would be a great tradition for pre-Christmas.

I think, we are able to find many good ideas, if we think carefully and did not fell into the spending spree, or are stalking on Instagram. We should spend our time carefully, especially in this pre-Christmas period. What do you think?

And you, what do you think about Social Cocooning?
This year I will try to be more focused on tradition than on pressure.



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