Hello Blogkade, my worst blogging month

No, I didn’t write „blogkade“ wrong. It’s a new neologism and until a few moments ago I thought I was the first, who used this pun out of „blog“ and „blockade“. But obviously there are more people with blog and a writer’s block, who like puns like this. Never mind, I have to give you a explanation.

Why? Well, because May was my worst blogging month in eternity!


I really thought about just ignoring my blogkade and posting another blogpost, but this would have been unfair. My blog should be personal and authentic and for this there must be a short explanation, why frischgelesen.de has fallen so quiet. Amongst friends it is also not right to just disappear, right?

That’s why there will be no tons of pictures, but many words and somehow now we got to the topic: worst blogging month. I already implied that I really don’t like the development of the Social Media world. Everything has to be quick and striking, nobody wants to read texts or to think about something anymore. At any time they try to encourage us to buy new products, or to be at least one time in a month (even when it is just for a couple of hours) in a hip metropolis. And do not buy at least three pieces per week, then we feel lost in this social media community. But these pieces should be from trendy brands, too, so that we all look the same at the end.

My blogkade made me thinking.
When did we get so dependent on the Social Media and why worst blogging month, anyway?

In former times I loved this and I loved reading other blogs, communicating, commenting and getting inspired. It made me happy to write texts and take photographies. But now it makes me not as happy as then, somehow I am full! Full of Detox-Teas, damn expensive designer bags, full of burger-, donut- and avocado-toasts. You know, what I mean, don’t you? Somehow I lost my motivation, everything is about the quickest consume.

Yes, and obviously my WordPress-System thinks the same, because I was not able to post new texts and pictures. Do not think, I wanted to post any donut or burger image, partly nothing worked here. WordPress was protesting and my Website was not looking like it was supposed to. I got messages, that my page was broken or it could not be opened. Nothing, what you like to hear, and it got worse because it was in a time, in which blogging was getting on my nerves. It is so hard to motivate yourself at all, but when even the technical things fail…

Then you are completely in the blogkade!

We don’t really know the reasons for these problems. Maybe it was because of the bad hacker attacks, I already reported you here. But the last weeks made me thoughtful. I really want to blog and to share my experiences with you. And I also want to report about my fears and angers, because our world does not only consist of funny pictures, unfortunately.

Maybe this is also a part of Coming-Of-Age. You change your direction sometimes. But don’t worry, it is not getting sad and serious on frischgelesen.de. No, there won’t be such huge changes here, I just don’t want to get distracted or discouraged so fast. No matter what is up on other blogs or Insta, I am writing here.

And maybe WordPress likes me again then… 😉


My world is still colourful, even though thoughts are grey on some days and it happened so much in the last time.

                                                                So, here is the end of the blogkade!

But the real life is more important than any blogpost or Instagram picture, isn't it? So, at the end it does not matter, if it was my worst blogging month!
The world is colorful, even in the time of a blogkade!



2 Responses to "Hello Blogkade, my worst blogging month"
  1. Da bist du wieder!
    Ach Charli, gräm dich nicht. So Blogkaden -wieso ist mir dieses Wortspiel nicht schon früher eingefallen?!- hat jeder mal. Und du als authentische-Blogpost-Fließband-Produzentin kannst dir eine kleine Auszeit ruhig erlauben!
    Ich bin froh, dass du wieder da bist und noch froher, dass du dich nicht auf den Bloggerirrsinn einlässt.


    • Juchhu, Camilla,
      du kannst dir gar nicht vorstellen, wie sehr mir dein Kommentar guttut. Dankeschön! 🙂 🙂
      Es war wirklich wie verhext, aber ich bin ganz zuversichtlich und schreibe wieder fleißig. Manchmal kann man sich eben nicht gegen diese Stimmungsschwankungen wehren. Ich habe irgendwo gelesen, dass man dies Pubertät nennt. 😉
      Ja, und Bloggerirrsinn überlassen wir den anderen. Unsere Zeit kommt noch!
      Ich wünsche dir noch einen sonnigen Sonntag.
      P.S. Was macht das Praktikum? Oder hast du schon berichtet? Ich werde gleich mal vorbeischauen.
      Bis gleich!

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