Monday post: „Kat Von D“ Alchemist Palette, much music and judo

Such an mondän-post-obligation is not easy, guys. This weekend is actually planned to be full of learning, but anyway you will get a short summary of my week.

I will start with the end of the week, because my Friday had two highlights.

Well, one had a quite negative background, but the other one was so great. Let’s start with the cool thing, cool is always better, right? On Friday there was the first rehearsal for a new music project, in which I’m taking part and it seems to become even more gorgeous. Making music is my passion and on Friday I was cruising from one band rehearsal to another. I would rather do this everyday! 🙂




Okay, now here is a complete different highlight of my week:

We now do judo in our P.E. lessons. Hah, nice!

Since ever P.E. lessons did not belong to my favourite subjects at all and I often wondered, if it is the reason for many juveniles having no fun doing sports in their lives.

Activity is important, we know this! But not everybody is a real sportsman and this also not that important for the physical fitness. It would be much cooler, if we would learn about how to integrate activity into our all-day life. How we could relax with yoga in hard times, or how to strengthen our back, how we breath and stretch in the right way, everything would help us and it would be cool. No, instead we now do judo and get marks for it.

After two lessons of learning how to fall correctly, we are told to fight against each other. Of course we are all very excited for this. Kiddin’… At the beginning our teacher told us to clean the jackets intensively when we finished the judo quarter year, because blood and sweat have to get out of the textiles. Isn’t it motivating?

Somehow I was thinking about the arena in Nîmes.

We won’t be fighting and dying in front of thousands of people like in Nîmes, but injuries, heavy or not, seem to be normal for judo lessons at our school. Can anybody tell me why this should be good? Probably not! Maybe a judo-loving pedagogue introduced it to the curricula and now we have to get through it.











We could do Origami or Ikebana, this would be so great for the pre-Christmas period. We could decorate the class rooms with our masterpieces or give us small selfmade flower presents. 🙂 But maybe they only want to prepare us in P.E. lessons for all these fights for the best Christmas sale. Maybe judo is also good for siblings to get the best presents below the Christmas tree?


„Beloved brother, watch out, I am doing judo now!“ 😉


Well, to cut a long story short: I think it’s quite bad to force us to fight. And it’s more than disrespectful for the martial art judo. Judokas train for years and in school they think six lessons are enough. Of course!

Because I won’t have the possibility to be shiningly good at P.E. lessons now, I try it in another way. Namely with the „Kat Von D“ Alchemist Holographic Palette, maybe I can cover all my bruises from judo with it. 😉

Make-up palettes are one of my collecting passions and this beautiful piece is permanently in use. I already bought it in summer in a French Sephora. The brand „Kat Von D“ I just knew from the internet, but I was always satisfied by their design. And when I saw the triangle-formed Alchemist Holographic Palette on the counter, I was lost. I had to bought it! The colors can be used as eyeshadow or highlighter and I love it. The right thing for dark autumn days. And for Friday’s P.E. lessons… 🙂

And the colours of the Alchemist Holographic Palette are absolutely satisfying.
„Kat Von D“ make-up palettes are already optically wonderful.

Now I wish you a wonderful week. I have to do many things for school, presentation, literature test for Zweig’s „The Royal Game“ and definitely some surprising tests. It won’t be boring! 😉




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