Monday post: St. Vincent in Berlin and the trend colour blue

It’s Monday again. Gosh, how fast this has gone! But you know it is always like this, when many things are happening. And my week was full of surprises, well, not everything was unexpected. Our concert evening by St. Vincent in Berlin was planned for weeks. And I still can’t believe, that I had the opportunity to see Annie Clark live on stage a few days ago. It was unbelievable and partly it was more kind of a performance than a concert. Surely St.Vincent’s music is nothing for everybody, but this evening was so inspiring for me.

But not only „Masseduction“ by St. Vincent in Berlin went entirely well, the whole stay was fantastic.

A concert on Thursday evening in Berlin means, that I either have to drive home late night, or that I would miss the first two lessons of school at Friday. None’s better, but I was lucky and the first two lessons were planned to turn out because the teacher wasn’t at school. You see, this went well! So we were able to have our breakfast calmly and I was arriving at school like a jetsetter from Berlin. 🙂

Daddy looked for a hotel in time, so we just had to cross the street to reach Huxleys Neue Welt, where the event took place. Such circumstances are always perfect, aren’t they?

Mummy was responsible for the restaurant choice this time. She wanted to go to the Con Tho, a Vietnamese restaurant with vegetarian and vegan dishes, which was said to be close to our hotel. As we found a parking place directly in front of the hotel and then noticed, that our accommodation and the restaurant seemed to kind of neighbours, we could not believe these lucky coincidences all together.

Okay, now something will go wrong!










Maybe we don’t get a place at the Con Tho, but no, also this went well. And the food was strikingly great. Mummy was happy, also because her dessert consisted of a huge cloud of cotton candy. Eating cotton candy in a restaurant, that sounds good, right?

We definitely decided (again) to go more often to Berlin. I don’t want to live there, but I don’t have anything against trips to Berlin from time to time. 🙂

On Friday we celebrated my brother’s birthday and the family visited us and I really had a rest at the weekend. Unfortunately no blue rest with my „FEAR THE FUTURE“ cap from St. Vincent, but with a blue blueberry-oats-pudding and the November issue of Elle.

My Sunday was entirely trendy with the trend colour blue!

So I can wear my blue Dior lipstick to the "FEAR THE FUTURE" cap and eat mummy's blueberry-pudding. ;)
Trend colour blue, this fits perfectly!
Surely very soon!
Berlin, see you later!









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