Not without a statement cap: My autumn look in Eastbourne

Today I have a autumn look from England again, which we photographed in Eastbourne. There was also a college, what I wanted to look at because of my year in England. And for me also the styling is important for such an school casting, but I took of my fancy cap before entering the school. You never know, either they would have thought I am a strange fashion freak. What is absolutely wrong, of course! 😉

Or they would have thought, a Kindergarten girl got lost with a huge pompom beanie. 😉

I wasn’t sure, whether I wanted to step into history of the college as the „girl with the pompom beanie“. Do you know, what I mean?

So Hunter boots, raincoat and statement cap were the right choice for there.
Eastbourne is an English coast city and it’s quite stormy in autumn.

My statement cap was true luck find, because it definitely upgrades the whole look. Well, it wasn’t really necessary besides my new HUNTER boots and my raincoat by happy rainy days, but this cap was the final cherry on the cake. Actually two cherries. And they really looked like tasty, red ones! But please don’t eat them. 🙂

In my opinion we don’t need to buy new clothes every time, we just have to combinate more imaginatively. Accessoires are my first choice for this and they don’t have to be too expensive. My pompom beanie from Diesel was a real bargain and I love it. Nobody will not see me with it on my head and with this surge in Eastbourne they could have taken me as a living buoy, and in addition my red pompoms matched the „golden pompoms“ of the Eastbourne pier so good.

All-weather clothing can also be very stylish, guys! What do you think about my autumn look with the statement cap?




Eastbourne didn’t convinced me as a city for my year in England, but we spent some wonderful days there. My parents ran at the coast everyday. Oh, sorry, they call it endurance running now. For some reason? So, my parents did endurance running at the sea in the morning and I enjoyed our long walks there. In the evening we had fish and long conversations for dinner. Endurance talks, maybe?… 🙂

Oh, daddy is also on the picture! Look into my Le Specs sunglasses! Hey dad!
Travel to the sea in Eastbourne and smile into daddy’s cam…

Now we already arrived in the middle of November and it is known to be grey, that’s why you need colour all around you. This will rise the vibes up, also for the people, who have are allowed to look at you.

I’m thinking about adding a colourful raincoat to my wardrobe. I really like this one by Ilse Jacobsen and the matching pair of rubber boots. Or should I choose red rubber boots, matching my Diesel cap? But the blue fits to my Le Specs sun glasses…

Well, you see, it’s not easy to decide and I am good equipped by now with my rain trench coat and my HUNTER boots.

It really matches my HUNTER boots.
The stylish skirt I found at Twin Set and it’s a classic to be combinated often newly.
But I have to watch out for my statement cap, the pompoms are like two propellers. ;)
Now I am not feared of water and wind anymore…

I definitely think, that our bad vibes sometimes are caused by the wrong clothes. That’s not only meant for wearing warm enough things, but you should feel comfortable in your outfit, too. If you dress up very chic, you will enjoy going out, also on grey days. And that’s important, if you don’t want to be ill or depressed permanently. Fresh air and so on… You know, what I mean! 😉

So get cosy, put on your statement cap and get outside. It’s the weekend, time for activities. Here is nothing more to read, well, I mean at least for today. 🙂



Oh, and you don’t always have to go to the sea, you can also be pretty for a walk through the park. Who knows, whom you will meet…











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