Spuntino: Comfort food (New York Style)

The book „Spuntino“ is hard to be categorized, it’s a recipe book, travel report and declaration of love in one. Russell Norman tells us about his admire for New York away from all these touristy routes and about the sensational food, which he explored there. So the book is not only full of culinary delicacies, but also lets you wish to be there with its gorgeous photographies of New York.

Okay, some will now say, that everybody wants to be in New York every time. But do you remember, I have my very own opinion for this metropolis. But now I know, the book from the Prestel publishing house was missing. 😉

Already the cover is so cool and s you look at the first pages, it will be clear: You suddenly want to eat „Comfort Food“ and you don’t need to wait for the next New York trip for this.

With „Spuntino“ you get the Feel-Good kitchen of New York directly into your kitchen.


This book has waited much too long for my review, but there are 120 gorgeous recipes, which are also very great for the autumn and winter months.

While you bake your Pizetta with fig, coppa & gorgonzola or maybe one with fennel, chili & capers apples in the oven, you can look at the great photos by Jenny Zarins and dream yourself to Little Italy, SoHo, Williamsburg or elsewhere, where the recipe book guides you. And by the way you also get to know what a slider is or how you fry filled olives. An even more about New York food.









You should not look into the book and at the recipes when you are hungry. I can’t guarantee for anything! There is something for any flavour, the fish plates are sensational and also the salad and dressing variations convinced us. The brunch ideas are so cool, you suddenly want to invite friends and to introduce them into the New York comfort food. 😉

A chef like Russell Norman can also do desserts and what kinds of it?

What do you think about a peanutbutter & fruit jelly sandwich, or about an french toast with vanilla? The chef and restaurant owner often uses alcoholics for his desserts, but we often found alternatives and baked our brownies without bourbon.

...but looks damn good, dear Russell Norman!
I’ve never tried a bread pudding…

There are lots of good drinks for adults at the end of the book, so the cocktail hour is now, mum and dad!

Not about the Jugendweihe now... ;)
Alcoholic drinks are only for the adults, of course.
Comfort Food is always a good inspiration.
For me everything without alcohol please…

Don’t worry, I don’t grow up among alcoholics, but in the pre-Christmas period here are some cocktail times at home. for me always the virgin variation. 😉

Because Russell Norman opened his own Comfort food kitchen in the middle of London, you may know where we have to go when we visit my favourite city next time . We will try out at the „Spuntino“ , how New York tastes in London. I am excited! 😉

The German issue of "Spuntino" by Russell Norman was published at the Prestel publishing house.
The cover is decorated with copper.
Matches a New York kitchen cupboard.
The binding of the recipe book is super cool.

If you don’t want to wait for your next trip, or if you planned the book as a Christmas present, you can get it here on Amazon..

Dieses Buch wurde mir vom Prestel Verlag zur Verfügung gestellt. Danke dafür! 



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