This was Christmas 2017!

Frankly, I already wanted to write a small Christmas greet over the holidays, but somehow it was really busy. You probably know this, the family is coming, so much is cooked and so much is eaten and you are busy with trying out your new things.

But before I will present you some impressions of Christmas this year, I wish you a slightly too late

„Merry Christmas!“

But the branches are more interesting at the moment...
Mary also wishes you merry Christmas!

Well, my Christmas was wonderful, like every year. Daddy worked again very hard for our meals. On Christmas Eve we had our traditional smoked salmon and on the first Christmas Day he presented us a perfectly delicious Christmas goose. On the following holiday we were satisfied with the tasty bunny my grandma made. Okay, fine, we talked enough about food!

Mummy found all the decoration stuff in the boxes and created such a lovely Christmas atmosphere in our house. The table was set festively, the windows were decorated with pretty branches and through the corridor little glittery details lighted up the dark days.

The table runner and the "tablecloths" were made by mum out of the rests of Christmas packaging paper.
That’s how pretty our table looked…
But he didn't do well...
The deer protected the table from our small fur monsters.
But he matches it well, right?
No, the small Stuart does not belong to the decoration…

But this year a tiny detail was different: We didn’t have a real Christmas tree in the house. Most important to say in the house, because this year our tree was standing outside on the balcony. And that was so pretty! While we sat together we were anyway able to enjoy the warm fairy lights and the decorated branches of the tree. But we didn’t need to fear Mary and Stuart trying to climb it.

Well, completely without a tree at home was bad, anyway. I mean, where should we put our presents, if there is none? That’s why daddy built a Christmas tree out of white wooden battens. We put it besides our table and decorated, just like a real fir. And we were happy!

And also as a little present he looks good, right?
Also Stuart was fascinated about the tree.

Now we reached the presents‘ table… I think, there was never ever a present, which I used that intensively like this year. My parents surprised me with the new Fujifilm X-E3 camera. I was damn happy and haven’t left the house without the camera by now. Completely into my photography-madness I did a shooting with both of my cats, took pictures of everything, what looked like Christmas, and also tried to shoot myself.

You can be excited for more photographical content on my blog from now on. I am totally in love with that camera!

I think, I will never take pictures with my mobile phone again...
The first mirror selfie with the new Fujifilm X-E3!

This year I also tried to do the perfect eyeliner. Somehow I never got it before. But this Christmas I was proud of myself! Actually Mummy was hiding some of the T. LeClerc liquid eyeliners in my DIY advent calendar in the corridor and those are so good. With those my Christmas make-up became perfect.

With T. LeClerc Eyeliner Précision and Huda Eyeshadow Palette Rose Gold Edition
My Christmas make-up 2017

I think, now you have enough impressions of my Christmas 2017. I want to say another huge

Thank you!

to my family, because without them, Christmas would be boring. And now, of course, I am interested in how you spent Christmas! Did you visit the family or did you spent Christmas abroad? Tell me, I am excited!

...and brought our guests downstairs. :)
Mary was our personal goodbye committee…
But don't worry, Stuart, next year it's again. ;)
Stuart is a bit sad, that Christmas is over again.

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