Visiting Arenes de Nîmes with Sandro

Yes, I have to admit, the headline is a bit confusing: „In Nîmes with Sandro“ sounds like I visited Nîmes with a good, old Roman friend. And it is not that wrong actually, because I was there with Sandro and the Romans also have something to do with that.

But, Sandro is a dress here and Nîmes now isn’t in the hands of the Romans anymore. 😉

Well, the blue dress on the photographs I bought a few days before at a Sandro store and I already wanted to wear it in the holidays, of course. I had already mentioned, that the heat was almost intolerable, unless you wore a light dress. I really felt sorry for Daddy, but there also had been the possibility of wearing a tunic dress, just like they used to wear in the former Roman days of Nîmes. Finally Nîmes was conquered by the Romans back in 121 a.Chr.n. And they left impressive footprints, those Romans.

And it is absolutely stunning, I promise.
The Arènes in Nîmes is the best sustained amphitheater in Europe.

I am always happy to find latin inscriptions on walls of those buildings, because I chose Latin in school. There aren’t many possibilities of using this language, unless you are in Rome and someone greets you with „Salve!“. This is fancy! Somehow it can mean both, like „I am greeting you“ or „Stay healthy“. Well, while talking of this: I hope you are well!

I was really impressed by the Arènes de Nîmes!

Most impressive were the building itself and the fact, that it looks this good after 2000 years. When stepping into it, you are stepping into history. If you use your fantasy, it’s like a time machine and for the gloomy feeling there are the audioguides. Get one, if you visit the monument!

But 2000 years ago, there were more people in this walk.
That’s gigantic, isn’t it?
What happened between the walls of the Arènes de Nîmes?
I always imagine, what people walked through these walls.
Today there are other kinds of events, luckily.
Up to 24 000 people had the opportunity to watch these bloody spectacles in former times. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

But I was not able to walk through the building without thinking of all the people and animals, who died in here, just for the entertainment of the spectators. What did it feel like, when you knew, that you have to fight and kill there in the arena, to survive? Everything with the background of people yelling and their loud cheering. I couldn’t imagine it, could you?

In the past the Arena was filled with the sand, which had to absorb the blood and the terrible smell. This was terrible, I think, but people then loved that kind of entertainment. Everybody wanted to join. Sometimes the gladiators were celebrities among the population. What a luck, that there was no Instagram in these days, we may have terrible pics appearing in our feed, if there had been.

What if I lived 2000 years ago? What if I would have been visiting the gladiators‘ fights in the arena of Nîmes? Would I have been excited?

I cannot imagine this and honestly I don’t want to. And I was even more shocked, when we found out, that there are still bullfights in this part of France. Unbelievable isn’t it? How can people like to see such an useless and unfair fight? I hope, someday it will be forbidden everywhere. It hasn’t to do with traditions. I always believed, humans evolved to wise man.

Nevertheless it is important to keep those buildings like the Arènes de Nîmes.
Even the imagination of the fights made me so shocked.
Everybody wanted to have the best view over the Arénes de Nîmes.
Because of the big crowds, people had to watch out for not being bruised.
If you are there, just sit down in the rows and try to imagine how it has been then.
Although it was so hot, we took our time to enjoy the atmosphere of this historical object.
But gladiators als o had to fight in the burning sun and under a blue sky.
A dark sky matches the Arènes de Nîmes even better.

Anyway, let’s leave the gloomy past and go to the present: Nîmes is a very good traveling target.

Not only for pupils studying Latin or fans of the ancient Rome. It is a beautiful city with many glamourous shops, restaurants and the typical way of life à la française. We only spent one day there, but I think, it is possible to enjoy the city for longer.

There cute little streets and there I visited my first Souleiado shop. Remember my fashion discovery? I already told you about it here.

With its own little museum.
This was the Souleiado shop in Nîmes.
Or with a blue Sandro dress. ;)
Gloomy thoughts are best cured with shopping!
And my kitten bagpack by Paul & Joe Sister fits with the shutters. Perfect, isn't it?
Look, my dress matches Nîmes so good.

It was a perfect day with much history, good food and a bit shopping. The best occasion for my Sandro dress. Unfortunately I din’t meet a Roman, but this might be because my parents always looked out for me. 😉

...and then I'll meet a Roman! ;)
Next time I go to Nîmes with some friends…
Has anybody been in Nîmes, too?
Goodbye Nîmes!






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