What a DIOR highlighter does have to do with coming-of-age

Now some of you will think, this will turn into a hymn of praise about the DIOR highlighter and I want to talk you into buying expensive cosmetics because it has to do with coming-of-age. Of course, you think bloggers would do it all. 😉

And even when I really love my Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer, that’s how the DIOR highlighter is called officially, there is a completely different background behind it. An experience, which made my way further into the direction of coming-of-age.

Maybe you remember my report about an unpleasant experience at our Müller shop, which you can read about here.

It is one way to deal with your anger via your blog, without any arguments from the opposite side and without direct eye contact. You can take time for your wordings, cross out things, or write everything again. Do you understand what I mean? I informed the Müller management about my post so that it was fair. I thought that was very mature, honestly, it was an advice from my mum. Because she has the opinion, that otherwise, it would seem like talking about them behind their back. You should tell them your critics, if you want something to be changed. And that was what I wanted, finally, I liked shopping at Müller before this event happened.

And the answer of Müller came quickly

They apologized for it and wanted to have a clarifying conversation at our local Müller shop. At this moment I wasn’t sure anymore, if my post was this good at all. You know clarifying conversations from school and often they don’t mean something good. For pupils anyway. 😉

Well, these things also belong to the time of coming-of-age, you also have to deal with awkward things.

But I didn’t feel mature enough to get through this thing alone, so I got some support from my mum. Somehow she was the reason for this conversation, no matter if she was a good or bad one. Now I don’t want to put you on the rack anymore, sie

Now I don’t want to put you on the rack anymore, they were all very kind. And no, I wasn’t bribed. And I still have to pay for the things I buy there. 🙂

Now I don’t want to put you on the rack anymore, they were all absolutely kind to me. And no, I wasn’t bribed. And I still have to pay everything, what I buy there. 🙂

But the point is, they listened to my story, they really showed me, that it was not right and they apologized for the behavior so much. It was like a conflict with a good old friend, you get on well again after all. And we do get on well again! I was relieved after the talk and somehow happy. Maybe I would have been able to do this conversation alone, but I felt better with mum around me. To find the words in a real talk, is completely different from writing a blog post. Okay, you can’t make any writing mistakes…

After the appointment some days passed by, but then I wanted to make my next shopping with the same shop assistance, of course. She didn’t take part in the conversation, but wanted to show her and somehow also me, that everything is fine again. Do you understand again?

Mistakes you make belong to coming-of-age and to forgive those, which others made, as well.

Yes, and that’s how I bought my DIOR highlighter, which I wanted to buy for so long. Of course, I could have ordered it online, too. But I didn’t want to! Maybe it was my most emotional cosmetic shopping ever, because I really noticed, how important it was to the assistance. This meant very much to me. Because critics from teenagers often aren’t taken this seriously. That’s why I wanted to share my experience on frischgelesen.de.

Well, and the DIOR highlighter was no mistake and it will always remind me of this emotional moment. Some things are only meant to be offline. 😉




2 Responses to "What a DIOR highlighter does have to do with coming-of-age"
  1. Hallo liebe Charli, Respekt vor dem Management der Müller-Filiale und auch vor Dir – und der Weisheit Deiner Mami! Finde ich wirklich klasse, wie Müller nach diesem wirklich unschönen Erlebnis (ich hab es gerade gelesen) reagiert hat und ich finde es wirklich mega von Dir, dass Du Dir den Highlighter auch genau bei dieser Verkäuferin gekauft hast! Spricht einmal mehr für Dich. Da versteh ich es bestens, dass dieser Highlighter natürlich eine besondere Bedeutung für Dich hat und ich weiß jetzt auch, dass Du definitiv viel mehr Ahnung von Kosmetik hast als ich 🙂
    Noch ein schönes Wochenende!
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

    • Liebe Rena,
      ja, ich bin auch sehr glücklich, dass alles so ausgegangen ist. Ich habe daraus eine ganze Menge gelernt und es war auch schön zu sehen, dass es der Verkäuferin genauso viel bedeutet hat, wie mir.
      Und der Highlighter ist jetzt auch ein kleiner Glücksbringer, der wird aufgetragen, wenn ich etwas Wichtiges vorhabe. 🙂 Mein Taschengeld ist jetzt also wieder ein bisschen in Gefahr, wenn es um Kosmetik geht. 😉
      Wünsche dir noch einen schönen Sonntag!
      LG Charli

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