What happens, when the freedom of expression gets lost?

I was inspired by the book „Child 44“ by Tom Rob Smith for this post about the freedom of expression. It’s not a new book and has already been filmed, but I only read it now. Meanwhile I also watched the film. The film and the book have slightly different plots, that’s why I liked both so much. And in addition the main character in „Child 44“ is acted by Tom Hardy and that’s an argument for the film, of course. At least for me. 😉

But let’s get back to the story of „Child 44“ and the topic of the freedom of expression.

At the moment I think, some people don’t really care when they are judging an opinion of another person or group. Even if any thoughts or opinions of others are completely different to our point of view, we don’t have the right to judge them and to refuse to give them the respect, they deserve.

We can get away from these people, we can discuss, try to convince them, but we aren’t allowed to insult them, disparage them, or whatever is done to people with other opinions nowadays. That’s a frightening development, especially in times of those omnipresent social networks. The freedom of expression and opinion belongs to us all and we have to protect it.

After I’ve read „Child 44“ by Tom Rob Smith, I feel like this public mind control is even worse.

Before anyone wants to understand me incorrectly: I don’t talk about the freedom of expression in case of criminal happenings or offences. If anybody says to burn down this or that or if somebody asks about injuring him or her, it’s not an opinion. It’s offence, you know!

Also any kinds of inhuman statements are not protected by the freedom of expression, that should be clear. I just wanted to mention it. And also if you really like the fashion style of someone or not and then you tell it to the person unasked, is not longer freedom of opinion for me. It’s more about impoliteness and bad education, but you might already know. Or do I have impolite readers?

It's no light fare, what Tom Rob Smith wrote for us via "Child 44". But you will become thoughtful about freedom of expression and anything!
Even in Ramsgate I found time to read. In this wonderful garden, it’s clear, of course, right?

„Child 44“ is reporting about the Stalinist time and shows clearly, how dangerous it can be, when the freedom of information gets lost. Censored or wrong information are normally in the period of Stalin, because certain things couldn’t be publish, because they didn’t fit in the ideal image. When someone broke these rules, has been outlawed. Then not only with bad talks, but with violence, sometimes until murder.

This book really moved me and I couldn’t stop reading. It’s no light fare, what Tom Rob Smith has written, no story you will forget fast. No, you will become thoughtful, I am sure.

The story starts in January 1933 in an Ukrainian village and let’s the reader look into the darkest depths of the human mind.


The main story of „Child 44“ is happening in Moscow of the 50s and when they find the dead body of a boy, nobody is allowed to investigate. Because officially there is no criminality while the time of Stalin, murder is a Capitalistic relic and that’s why it doesn’t exist in the Socialist Soviet Union. What a terribly dishonest and inhuman time.

Read the book and you will understand, why it moved me. And why I am worrying about our freedom of expression, because also today there are signs of displacement of important facts. Simply because they don’t fit in the political views and dangerous something like this can be, is shown by Tom Rob Smith in „Child 44“.

So, keep your eyes and ears open and stay curious. Don’t let anybody control your opinion and think about the views of others. Sometimes also conversations can help.

It’s not ever important on which side we are standing, because it’s all about this „together“, that’s what I dreamed about as a 13-year-old in this post. And the most important is respect! Do you remember our taxi driver in Birmingham? By the way it is about all parts of our lives, whether it’s about schoolmates, about women, about men, religion, about the wrong food, education, or whatever.

Let’s look at the scenario of „Child 44“ in the Stalin time as a bad example of the loose of freedom and let’s communicate with use again. What do you think about this?

If you want to buy the book „Child 44“, you can do this at Amazon. Or you have a look at book sale corners, there I got my issue for only 3,99 €. 🙂

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