Why there weren’t any book reviews on Frischgelesen for so long

Some of you already asked, why I don’t write book reviews anymore. That’s why I had the idea to explain this to you officially. At least my blog started as a pure books blog, with those typical girls‘ books and tiny articles about my literature at primary school. Does anybody still know them? If not, please have a look at my very first book review. In year 2010 109 words were enough for little Charli (alias me) to describe her favorite book. 😉

And what about today’s book reviews?

From time to time the books, I read, were getting more demanding and also my reviews were reaching higher claims. I hope, you noticed and saw the differences to my former book reviews. Right? 😉

As I got the first review copies from the publishing houses, I got more and more ambitious and I wanted to read and review any release coming out. My book love now was extended, I was as fascinated by cook and design books as by books about fashion and architecture. Put me into a bookstore and I am happy. This has not changed until today.

Well, back to the topic: Where are the reviews? 😉

Almost every blogger knows this, there are times, in which you are less motivated, less creative. Like a Blogger-Burn-Out, or an „blockade“ (!). Do you remember this post, there I’ve already written about missing motivation and hacker attacks.

It is similar with book reviews, you see new book reviews on other blogs everyday and you wonder, how they do this. I really put myself under stress, because I thought, my reviews were not enough.

Yeah, I know, you should not compare yourself with others! My words, guys! But…

Sometimes it is not easy to follow your own advice. And then there were some strange e-mails, in which they accused me of writing much too elaborate posts for the review copies. I would harm the blogger business with this and they would send me a warning letter. Anonymously, of course, but anyway or even because of this a bit scaring!

Until this point for me it wasn’t clear, that I am having a business here and „warning letter“ sounded a bit like bad behavior at school. But I always behaved good, I thought! So a little break for book reviews was necessary and we had to inform us, if I commit crimes with my „too elaborate book reviews“.

Now everything is solved and I got my motivation back, because I read books anyway, of course. Namely they can’t prohibit this for me!

In the future I will structure my reviews a bit different. No, don’t worry, they won’t be less elaborate. This was never planned. I recovered well and now I have good new ideas. And one of the most important parts will ever be well made photographs. If anybody thinks, they are still to elaborate, shouldn’t be reading them. Simple solution, isn’t it? Stay tuned!

Because we are still having holidays, I will try to show you some very good books as fast as possible, which wait for a review for so long. And I also have a new addition in English.Because I spent our last few English pounds on the English book „Dunkirk: The History Behind The Major Motion Film“. Joshua Levine explains the backgrounds of the film by Christopher Nolan in it. And because we visited the secret tunnels at the Dover Castle, in which the evacuation of the British troops was planned, I am even more interested in the story.

This will definitely be one of my next book reviews. An elaborate one... like the others :)
A fascinating book about a very sad part of the world’s history: „Dunkirk: The History Behind The Major Motion Film“ by Joshua Levine.

Okay, I hope, I was able to calm you a bit with my explanation and you are excited for new book reviews. And if you have reading advice, give them to me! Autumn only started, we can read soooo much. And we can drink tea… 🙂

If you are also interested in history and you can’t wait for my review about the Joshua Levine book, you can already order it on Amazon. For those who are not originally English: The book is just published in English until now, so you are practicing for your English lessons or skills. 😉











2 Responses to "Why there weren’t any book reviews on Frischgelesen for so long"
  1. Huhu liebe Charli,

    du sprichst mir aus der Seele! Wenn ich in einer Buchhandlung stehe, weiß ich auch nicht, wo ich anfangen soll. Ich liebe Romane, aber genau so sehr liebe ich Krimis, Sprachbücher und Reiseführer. Ich könnte wirklich stundenlang in einer Buchhandlung verbringen *schwärm*.

    Aber dass eine Buchrezension zu aufwendig sei, habe ich ehrlich gesagt jetzt auch das erste Mal gehört. Wie kann eine Rezension denn zu aufwendig sein? Wem es nicht gefällt, muss es ja nicht lesen, wie du schon sagst. Naja, ich freue mich auf jeden Fall sehr auf deine Rezensionen, denn ich habe gerade auch in die Welt der Bücher zurück gefunden, nachdem ich jahrelang einfach nichts mehr gefunden habe, was mich wirklich fesselt. Eine schreckliche Zeit. Kennst du Lucinda Riley und ihre Bücher? Ich habe kürzlich den „verbotenen Liebesbrief“ als Hörbuch gehört und ich habe endlich wieder ein Buch (und eine Autorin) gefunden, das mich fesselt!

    Liebe Grüße,


    • Liebe Maj-Britt,
      ja genauso geht es mir in einer Buchhandlung. Eine Übernachtungsparty in einer Buchhandlung, das wäre mein Traum. Mit leckerem Frühstück am Morgen, hi, hi… 🙂

      Ich glaube in der Bloggerwelt ist leider viel Missgunst unterwegs und da viele inzwischen mit dem Bloggen Geld verdienen wollen, sehen sie Blogger wie mich als „Bedrohung“, weil wir eben nicht für alles Geld verlangen und uns trotzdem Mühe geben. Das war wohl der Hintergrund bei diesen Mails. Naja, ich lasse mich davon nicht abschrecken. Bisher habe ich ja durch das Bloggen nur liebe Menschen „getroffen“. Wie dich zum Beispiel, hi, hi.. 🙂
      Deine Empfehlung werde ich mir gleich mal anschauen und ich freue mich, dass du auch so eine Leseratte bist. Bin schon fleißig am Schreiben für die Posts, die Ferien sind einfach zu kurz… 😉

      LG Charli

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