Flamingo love and Swarovski binoculars

I can imagine, what some of you are thinking now: With flamingo love you may think about Swarovski binoculars with pink glitter, made for girls. And Charli now bought one. Of course!

At this point I should remind you, that I am becoming 16 this year, not 6. 😉

Well, no glitter and no pink! But many flamingos. Real flamingos, not those, made of plastic for the hotel swimming pool. The flamingo love developed for the living ones in the Provence, the pool was kept free of flamingos. And anyway, or because of that, the pool was great!

And mummy had daddy, just he is photographing at the moment.
Look, no flamgo to see, just mummy and me… No, we did not fight, but I prefer sitting alone when I am reading. 🙂
And a flamingo would have been too much, maybe.
A pink house matches perfectly with my topic today.
It was perfect!
You may imagine, that it was so great sitting here as long as possible in the evenings.

Impatient readers may wonder now, why I have been talking about flamingos and Swarovski binoculars at the beginning.

I will tell you. Our holiday home was the perfect starting point for many trips. And the Camargue is not only famous for its white horses, also for their flamgos, that’s why we wanted to see these exotic animals.

For this we drove to the Parc Ornithologique, which is close to Saints-Maries-de-la-Mer. This place of pilgrimage sounds better than it is in reality. Unless you like very full resorts. But we ate very tasty fish there and mummy got her grilled gilthead. Do you remember my report from last year with a crying mummy behind us, because she didn’t get her fish? The place was named similar but it was much prettier. But in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer there were neither flamingos nor gilt heads. 😉

And in Saints-Maries-de-la-Mer we had both: Grilled gilt head and many, many, many flamingos.

Flamingo love, hehe.
Shh… there they are! Aren’t they amazing?
We also see beavers and otters. It was so interesting.
The park is gigantic and you don’t only see flamingos.

We did not notice, how much we were actually walking at the end we were surprised, that we were spending hours there. Unfortunately we don’t have pictures of the flamingos, when they opened their wings. The colors were unique and maybe in reality prettier than a photo could ever catch. But you lucky don’t have to sweat when you are looking at my pictures and the mosquitos are not disturbing you. Deal?! 😉

The music box stays in your bag, turned out, of course! Right?
Partly the flamingos were very close, but you mustn’t disturb them.
What would I do, to be there now!
This was a nice place to relax and watch in the Parc Ornithologique
crap! ;)
Thes Swarovski binoculars I had to give back, unfortunately.

If you are in the near, you really should visit the park. But don’t forget your mosquito spray, you really need it! A way how to keep these stylish and good binoculars, I wasn’t able to find. But you should rent one, if not, you will miss many interesting animals.

At the end of the day we left with big flamingo love, and fell exhaustedly in our beds. An adventure, I will ever remember, also without my own binoculars. But I really loved it. There were so nice colours, but I already searched up Amazon for it. Too expensive as a Christmas wish? Then I have to become environmental scientist, or something like this…

Here we relaxed for some days!
Home sweet home! Well, for a while.
...Crap, didn't get it! :) :) :)
And jump!
...and without bloggers, who get photographed on it. ;)
View on the pool, without any plastic flamingos.










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