Winter Layering and the search for light

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Yeah, I admit, it’s a pretty dramatic title. But the search for light Stands for the hunt for vitamin D and because you need to go out into the Cold for this, a winter layering can help you. Some time ago it was named layered look and that sounds kind of uncool, but now we call it layering and it’s fine. That’s how layering is possible for fashion ladies, too, even in summer.

It’s about winterly layering today, because it is so cold and uncomfortable out there.

Everything started with my need for vitamin D, especially in winter there is a high lack in it for us. Our body is able to produce it on its own, but therefore it needs sun and in winter it doesn’t get it that much, at least here in Germany. And when the sun shines, it only happens early. Often it’s gone again in the afternoon. And that’s nothing to fit in in our teenage lifestyle. Most mornings we spend in the classrooms and at the weekends we won’t stand up that early. 😉

Bad mood or even depressions can occur then! Guys, so overcome your weaker self and get some fresh air. It’s worth it, really! I tried it on Sunday for you.


Right after our late breakfast we wrapped ourselves into enough layers of clothes and hit the road. We had planned a long walk through the park with a following cake and coffee enjoyment. It’s better to have a destination, strolling around without knowing where you want to go is nothing for me. Maybe this is a thing for adults, at least for my parents.

Well, and now some advice for your layering in winter, so that there is nothing in our way to catching some vitamin D.

Such a winterly layering is not as easy as it always seems at first sight. At least when you want to look good and to be able to move at the end.  And that’s what we want to, right? Being warm is most important, but when we have to go outside that early, we want to feel good with our outfit.
In my opinion knitwear is a good choice for our winter layering. That’s why my beloved poncho from ESPRIT is used here. Its wool content is high enough to keep you warm and it’s timeless, but not boring at all. A piece you can wear longer than only one season, so it is also a good choice towards sustainability. The length of my poncho is perfect for my layering and the included toggle locks are quite pretty, I think.

I put my poncho over my winter outfit, which also replaces the scarf.
With knitwear a layered look is always pretty and warm at the same time.


At least it's enough for a photo. ;)
Wrapped into warm layers you can even take a seat outside.
Healthy red cheeks are a pretty little gift from a winter walk!
A fancy eye make-up is another good reason to go outside. Otherwise nobody will see it! 😉

Did you know that Esprit comes from sunny California and that there is an impressive Lovestory behind it? I didn’t. I just read it, when I wanted to have a look on the website to see if my poncho is still available. But then I noticed that it is so „old“ already. But I found other pretty capes, which are also good for layering.

My look consists of a long-sleeved shirt with a turtleneck knitwear pullover without sleeves and a JOOP jacket over it. Mann Lagers are warmer in winter, because the body warmth is able to stay between the layers. That’s what winter sportsmen already knew, right? You should watch out for the proportions and colors of your clothes for a winterly layering, if you don’t, you look bulky and too colorful way too fast. Neither too much colors nor too much layers is one very important rule for me.

Mum would now say:  „An artist must know when it’s over!“

A fashion lady, too. That’s why I chose black as my basic colour for this look, black skirt, black blazer, black pull and so on. Even my Marc Jacobs sunglasses are completely black and it fits in well, as I think. Spots of colour are set with the Tommy Hilfiger socks, for example, which not only look cool over the black tights, but also give extra warmth. My gloves with colourful stripes and the colourful strap from the Tommy Hilfiger bag give other colour spots, too. By the way, the bag was a Christmas present from grandma and grandpa. How good to have fashion-conscious grandparents.

That's how my winterly layered look does not seem boring.
Strap and gloves are eyecatchers in this look.
I can't ignore colourful Tommy Hilfiger socks.
I love these socks…

I think, it is good, to try out, what matches well. Have a look into Mums your wardrobe, you may find some special pieces. The best is to put the clothes together in the evening before, otherwise the sun is gone before you are satisfied with your outfit and ready to go outside.

No sun, no vitamin D and furthermore nobody will be able to admire your look when it’s dark and then you may get into a bad mood. There are enough bad-tempered people out there, we only need more happy people.

So get into a pretty layered look and catch the sunlight! 🙂

This was our destination on Sunday. So we got vitamin D, then art and at the end we had cake and coffee. :)
One of my favourite places in my hometown is the courtyard of our monastery and at the moment you can listen to the sounds of Robin Minard’s artwork.
An exhibition is a great destination for a winterly walk.
Sound installation of the Canadian composer and sound artist Robin Minard at the art museum
That's how every Sunday should be!
Art, coffee, cake and laughing… Vitamin D made it possible!
I am excited for the next one!
And how was your Sunday?


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10 Responses to "Winter Layering and the search for light"
  1. Hallo liebe Charli, Dein winterliches Layering ist echt cool! Und dass Du Deinen Poncho so liebst, das verstehe ich total, denn der ist super. Mir gefällt es, wie Du die einzelnen Teile zusammengestellt hast, denn Du hast recht, Layering ist dann so einfach auch wieder nicht 🙂 Danke für die wieder echt klasse Bilder!
    xx Rena

    • Dankeschön, liebe Rena,
      Ja, der Poncho ist ein echtes Multitalent. Ich mag ihn auch gern auf langen Fahrten, da kann man ihn dann als Decke zum Einkuscheln verwenden. 🙂
      Ich wünsche euch noch einen schönen Abend und hoffe, ihr seid vom Sturm nicht so betroffen.
      LG Charli

      • Gerne, liebe Charli!
        Ja, ein Multitalent ist Dein Poncho wirklich! Ich verstehe Dich so gut.
        Und zum Glück war bei uns der Sturm eher harmlos, bei Euch hoffentlich auch …
        LG Rena

        • Oh, da freue ich mich, dass ihr nicht betroffen gewesen seid. Wir haben es auch gut überstanden. Bis auf eine Liege im Garten, ist alles an seinem Platz geblieben. Und der Liege geht es auch gut, sie wurde wohl nur kurz durch die Luft gewirbelt. 😉
          Liebe Grüße und noch einen schönen Montagabend!

    • Dankeschön, liebe Bianca! 🙂
      Ja, Lagen-Looks sind cool, da kann man sich ganz stylisch warm halten.
      Die Brille mag ich auch sehr gern, allerdings gehört sie Mami, doch ich darf sie mir immer mal ausleihen. 😉
      Wünsche dir noch einen entspannten Montag!
      LG Charli

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