Rubber boots and trench coat, my must-haves for England

My love for England actually contains the rainy weather on the isle, too. Of course, also sun is great in England, but with a weatherproof trench coat and a gorgeous pair of rubber boots you will look absolutely British. Trust me, the British really don’t let the weather ruin neither their noble behavior, nor their typical fashion style. Not for nothing the trench coat is an absolute must-have. Not only in the UK and not only for rainy days. And it does not have to be one made by Burberry. 😉

My perfect trench coat is one from „Happy Rainy Days“

While our first road trip through Great Britain, we spent some days in a beautiful castle in the Lake District and there were a selection of a few rubber boots freely available for the guests of the house. Wet feet were precluded. Since then I dream of having such a selection of rubber boots at home. If I had a friend over, who did not read this article here and therefore did not have weatherproof shoes, she could just help herself. 😉

Rubber boots in any colour, if possible by HUNTER

My HUNTER rubber boots collection is growing. ;)
My new pair of HUNTER boots is classically green, real British.

England welcomed us right on the first evening with rain in Ramsgate, so it was time for my HUNTER boots and the trench coat. I really was happy to take out my new pieces.

Weatherproof clothes often sound like the opposite of glamorous, but have a look at the expert of rubber boots and raincoats here, they are having so great pieces and deliver freely from an order value of 50 €. Two days after my order my package was delivered, everything perfectly packed.

Honestly, I did not know, which raincoat and which rubber boots I should choose. That there is such a huge and fashionable selection in this field now, made me so happy. Also, fussy fashion girls will find something there. By the way, a pair of HUNTER boots is also a very good Christmas present. They are packed in wonderful cartons, so that you can put it under the Christmas tree, with a bow on it. (Little note for my parents, some more colors would be perfect for my collection.)

My personal opinion is, that suitable clothes should be stylish, too. I don’t mean super trendy, more classic. But it really should be as cool for the person, so that it can also be worn if there is no rain.

The more it will be worn because there is the „cost per wear“ principle also with rainwear.

Of course, in discounters sometimes there is very cheap rainwear, but it is rarely stylish and also not weatherproof. So you won’t be feeling well wearing it and you will get wet, too. Finally, the cheap piece will end up in the clothing drive. That’s neither good for our purse, nor for the environment. So you really should have look on the quality.

Do you remember my eternal skirt, on which I reported you here? I wish my trench coat to be like it. It should squire me for years and it should keep memories, which I experienced with it and which I will experience. I told my feet not to grow anymore so that also the HUNTER rubber boots will be long companions of mine.

They will definitely, when I don’t wear them at the moment, decorate the corridor. Just like the rubber boots collection at Augill Castle.

I have to admit, that the trench coat was with me nearly every day in England and it supported me well. But actually, we had hardly rain. So you will see my rain equipment from the rubber boots expert very often in the next days. But don’t worry, it won’t become boring. I didn’t just try different styling variations, but I chose very different locations, too. 😉

And the reason for our England journey will be also announced then.

So you had to fit in with your fashion. :)
Our home in Ramsgate was very stylish.
HUNTER Gummistiefel und Regenmantel von Happy Rainy Days
Meine England Must Haves passen perfekt, oder?
The flat in Ramsgate matched my favor absolutely.
English details…
Surely I wasn't there the last time.
The British harbour city Ramsgate totally fascinated me.
My parents ran every morning at Ramsgate's coast, but they did not have these pretty yellow shirts.
I wasn’t afraid of costs and efforts to find in color fitting runners. 😉

I hope my post awoke your desire for fashion experiments with rainwear. We had enough strapless summer combinations, didn’t we? Now it’s time for fashion creations with rubber boots and trench coats.


„I am excited for this! How about you?“


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