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This article contains advertising. Yeah, I admit, it’s a pretty dramatic title. But the search for light Stands for the hunt for vitamin D and because you need to go out into the Cold for this, a winter layering can help you. Some time ago it was named layered look and that sounds kind…(Read More)

Sweet 16! What will change?

Yes! Now I am 16! Whether I am worth that „sweet 16“-thing, will show off in the future. Actually I have some very clear visions of what should be changed from now. You may have noticed one change, didn’t you? Yeah, right, there was no Montagram. But it’s not planned to keep…(Read More)

Sponsored Post by Daddy 🙂  My first Jo Malone I bought in Zurich this summer. Especially in Zurich, where everything is expensive somehow. The city is great, but there are way better possibilities somewhere else. Who cares, Daddy was a bit fed up from all the shops and wanted to have dinner and then I…(Read More)

Montagram #3

It’s Montagram time again and even though I have so much to do for the moment, I will give you my  hashtags of the week. Not every week there is something special, but it’s anyway enough for some hashtags. #aweekfulloftestpapers I don’t think it’s necessary to explain this, but these were…(Read More)

If you don’t want to have an simply bought advent calendar, there is always that he same question every year: „Which advent calendar will it be this year?“ And then I had the idea, that maybe a photo box would be a cool, new idea for an advent calendar in these times full of…(Read More)

Montagram #2

Again a week is over and it’s time for Montagram #2. You remember, now every week comes in hashtags! Then let’s go… #iamdemothervated No, it’s no spelling mistake, but I meant what I typed. Let me explain to you: Well, last week I set up my plan to eat no sweets anymore…(Read More)

Yes, time runs, but it’s still enough left, to present you a wonderful idea of a DIY Christmas calendar. This time I got support by the Semikolon brand. The fashionable boxes from Semikolon I know from my my parents‘ offices, they love the plain, elegant design. They discovered these stationery products in Paris some…(Read More)

I was inspired by the book „Child 44“ by Tom Rob Smith for this post about the freedom of expression. It’s not a new book and has already been filmed, but I only read it now. Meanwhile I also watched the film. The film and the book have slightly different plots, that’s why…(Read More)

Somehow I didn’t feel well with that unstable form of my Monday post. On the one hand I like not being dependent to any provisions, but on the other hand rules can also be motivating. Yeah, really, even for blogging. So I introduced my own rules to the Monday post: From today on we…(Read More)

Today I have a autumn look from England again, which we photographed in Eastbourne. There was also a college, what I wanted to look at because of my year in England. And for me also the styling is important for such an school casting, but I took of my fancy cap before entering the school…(Read More)

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